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Never before has the awareness of water and its critical role in our lives been so apparent. With drought and other water related issues being seen everyday in global news outlets, we believe that now begins the most important chapter in the Hydretain story.

We stand at a key point in history where we have a technology that truly holds untapped potential to save the world's precious water resources in ways that we could not have imagined when we began this journey.

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May 2017 - The Relationship Between Water and Soils
Florida and Turf Digest May/June 2017
July 2016 - Less Water, Less Stress, More Revenue
Lawn and Landscape Magazine - Web Extra - July Issue
Five Landscape Pros from across the country share how one product has had a big impact on their business. Hydretain, also sold as LESCO Moisture Manager, is a unique water management technology that functions to convert subsurface water vapor into plant usable water droplets. This process reduces evaporative loss and makes more water available to the plant, resulting in lower water requirements and less stress for both you and your landscapes. View the full article in PDF format here

March 2016 - In Hydroseeding, Weather Matters (A Lot)
Erosion Control Magazine - March/April Issue
Products Featured: Hydretain, LESCO Moisture Manager

Ocala, FL. (September 1, 2015) - Hydretain Lawn Signs Now Available for Professional Applicators and Customers.

The Marketing Team at Ecologel is excited to announce that new Hydretain lawn signs are now available to help promote healthy lawns with less water.

This summer, we received multiple requests for lawn signs from both professional applicators as well as homeowners. With the California drought raging on, many happy customers are eager to share information and help encourage neighbors to conserve water while still maintaining healthy, green turf and landscapes. Others are interested in protecting themselves from false accusations of #droughtshaming. "The product is working so well that customers have expressed concerns about being turned in for over-watering," says Marketing Coordinator, Sarah Spatola.

Signs are available to professional applicators as part of the Hydretain Advantage Program. A new benefit for program members, up to 25 lawns signs are available at no charge, with each additional sign available for purchase at a discounted rate. The double sided design allows the option for applicators to personalize the signs with their contact information. For orders of 1,000 or more, signs may be custom printed to include company logos, phone numbers, web addresses, etc. Pricing and additional information for custom orders is available upon request. Individual signs can also be made available to your residential consumers or commercial property managers.

Dual-sided design provides blank space for applicator contact information. Die-cut 8.5" x 11" sign provides eye catching option to promote product services.

October 2015 - No Seed Left Behind
Turf Trends - Fall 2015
Products Featured: Hydretain, LESCO Moisture Manager, H3O+

August 2015 - Talking Irrigation: Ecologel
Superintendent Magazine - Golf & Water Supplement
Products Featured: Hydretain, LESCO Moisture Manager, H3O+

August 2015 - Hydroseeding: Protecting the Soil and the Future
Erosion Control Magazine - July/August Issue
Products Featured: CytoGro, Moisture Manager

July 2015 - Protecting Plants from Drought Stress
Turf Trends - Summer Issue
Products Featured: Hydretain

May 2015 - Chemistry and Water
Superintendent Magazine - May Issue
Products Featured: Hydretain

April 2015 - The Use of Hygroscopic Humectants in Managing Soil Moisture
Turf Trends - Spring Issue
Products Featured: Hydretain, Moisture Manager, H3O

March 2015 - Hydroseeding Successes
Erosion Control Magazine - March / April Issue
Products Featured: Hydretain, Moisture Manager

Ocala, FL. (July 1, 2014) - Ecologel celebrates Smart Irrigation Month.

July is traditionally the month of peak demand for outdoor water use. Warm temperatures, little rainfall, and water restrictions make it difficult to keep plants from entering into drought stress. However, there are a number of smart irrigation practices that can be put into effect to help maintain green, healthy plants without wasting water. In order to promote awareness about efficient water use, the Irrigation Association has designated July to be Smart Irrigation Month, and Ecologel Solutions is excited to join them in celebrating.

The Smart Irrigation Month campaign focuses on implementing simple practices and innovative technologies to make maintaining green spaces easy and convenient. By doing so, consumers can save money on utility bills while helping to protect community water supplies for today and the future. Property owners and managers typically overwater, unintentionally wasting money every time they take out the hose or turn on the sprinklers. During Smart Irrigation Month, Ecologel would like to promote products and provide tips to help consumers save water and money.

Did you know that, nationwide, more than 7 billion gallons of water a day go to landscape irrigation? Today, many smart irrigation systems and controllers have been created to keep water use to a minimum. However, there are a number of other ways to conserve water that focus on more than just your irrigation system. For instance, it is important to know the details of your property when creating a water conservation plan. Determining your soil type can help you to understand how quickly water will be absorbed without runoff and waste.

Also, keep in mind that turfgrass requires less water than plants and trees. Watering your property to accommodate the thirstiest plants wastes water, and can lead to root rot, fungus, and disease. Additionally, test soil for pH and nutrient availability. A well rounded fertility program will greatly enhance plant growth and can help reduce overall watering requirements. Finally, watering plants and turf deeply but less frequently will encourage deep root growth and increase drought tolerance.

Another way to reduce watering needs is by applying a hygroscopic humectant product, such as Hydretain. Products like Hydretain attract water vapor from the air spaces within the soil, condense it back into a liquid form, and make the liquid available for plant roots to absorb. When applied and watered into the root zone, these hygroscopic humectants will allow plants to more effectively utilize any water they receive through rainfall and irrigation. In fact, these products have been documented to reduce overall water use by as much as 50 percent, and can be used when seeding or sodding, with new plant installations, or as a regular maintenance program.

Smart Irrigation Month is a great opportunity to begin implementing water conservation practices. While upgrading your irrigation system with efficient equipment is important, keep in mind that even greater water savings can be achieved when including smart practices and products like Hydretain. Above all else, the most important lesson of Smart Irrigation Month is applying these water conservation practices throughout the year, and turning them into a permanent routine.

For more information about Smart Irrigation Month, visit the Irrigation Association’s website

Wichita Falls, TX (March 20, 2014)

Wichita Falls News Channel 6 reports on Hydretain. Click here to watch the video.

Ocala, FL. (October 23, 2013) - Ecologel Solutions, LLC announces at the GIE Expo the First Annual Hydretain Photo Contest. Ecologel Solutions invites eligible participants to submit their before and after, or treated and untreated turf and plant images for a chance to win valuable prizes. The contest is aimed at showcasing the power of Hydretain in real-world application and also thanking our loyal customers and shining the spotlight on their photographic talents.

Participants may submit digital or print images that compare treated to untreated areas, or before and after images if applicable, that will be subject to popular vote at our Web site and Facebook page. Winners will be the sole choice of the viewing audience and will be announced at the GIE Expo in October of 2014.

Complete contest rules and submission guidelines may be found by visiting our contest page.

Grand is a Canon T3i 18 Megapixel digital camera bundle, with other lesser prizes also available. Contest will open for submission on January 1st 2014 and will close on October 1st, 2014 to allow time for judging prior to GIE.

Ocala, FL. (April 20, 2012) - Ecologel Solutions, LLC has earned the USDA Certified Biobased Product Label for its Hydretain ES Plus and Moisture Manager. The USDA Certified Biobased Product Label verifies that the products amount of renewable biobased ingredients meets or exceeds prescribed USDA standards. Biobased products are goods composed in whole or in significant part of agricultural, forestry, or marine materials.

The USDA Biobased label provides added comfort to our customers in knowing that the product they are using to help save the world’s water supply is produced using renewable resource technology” stated Richard Irwin, President of Ecologel Solutions.

All biobased amount claims are verified by independent labs and monitored by the USDA. Consumers may feel secure in the accuracy of the biobased amount and be empowered in making better informed purchasing decisions.

We are pleased that Ecologel Solutions, LLC has earned the USDA Certified Biobased Product Label," said Ron Buckhalt, USDA BioPreferred Program Manager. "Biobased products provide opportunities to help add value to renewable commodities, create jobs in rural communities and generate investment income."

About USDA BioPreferred

The USDA BioPreferred program was created by the Farm Security and Rural Investment Act of 2002 (2002 Farm Bill), and expanded by the Food, Conservation, and Energy Act of 2008 (2008 Farm Bill). The purpose is to increase the purchase and use of biobased products. The United States Department of Agriculture manages the program. Products that meet the USDA BioPreferred program requirements carry a distinctive label for easier identification by the consumer. To learn more about the USDA Certified Biobased Product Label please visit, and follow on Twitter at

June 2012: Ecologel Solutions, LLC introduces the all new Hydretain ES Plus Granular QD – A consumer driven addition to their line of Hydretain water management products.

Hydretain is a patented root zone moisture management technology that effectively reduces the overall watering requirements of plants, shrubs, trees, turf and agriculture by as much as 50% or more.  A liquid blend of hygroscopic and humectant compounds, Hydretain acts like microscopic “water magnets” – drawing vapor molecules together to form plant useable droplets from moisture which would otherwise be lost to evaporation. Hydretain ES Plus combines Hydretain’s root zone moisture management with an advanced naturally derived soil surfactant designed to improve penetration into and throughout hydrophobic soils.

With the same proven technology as the liquid, the new granular form puts the power of Hydretain in an easy to spread, quickly dissolvable granule that is convenient for dry spreader applications where liquid applications are impractical or labor intensive. Furthermore, the granular Hydretain does not need to be watered in immediately, offering greater flexibility for applicators without access to their customer’s irrigation systems.

“This new granular allows the Hydretain technology to be used by landcare professionals who do not have the equipment for liquid applications,” says Ecologel’s Agronomist, Jim Spindler.  “It also gives golf courses the ability to apply Hydretain to areas where boom sprayers cannot reach such as fingers on bunkers and steep slopes, or for inclusion into divot mixes and topdressing sands.”

Hydretain ES Plus Granular QD utilizes a small, consistent particle size to deliver the power of Hydretain on a greens grade (120 SGN) granule for professional applications.  At the application rate of 2.7lbs/1000 sq. ft., each 40 lb. bag will treat up to 14,800 square feet of turf.  Once watered in, the granular particle completely breaks down, leaving no carrier behind to disrupt playing surfaces.

With its ease of use and professional results, Hydretain ES Plus Granular QD can be easily applied to localized dry spots, flower beds, shrubs, trees, and containerized pots as well as to larger areas such as golf courses, sports fields, and lawns.

Ecologel Solutions, LLC is an Ocala, Florida-based manufacturing company specializing in the productions of environmentally responsible solutions for the sports turf, landcare and agricultural markets. Ecologel’s products include technologies aimed at drought mitigation, water conservation and water management, dust control, plant nutrition, pond and lake treatments and surface coatings.

November 29, 2011: Spindler attends Florida Ag Expo

On November 9th, Ecologel's agronomist, Jim Spindler, travelled to Balm, Florida to attend the Florida Agriculture Exposition. While there, he was able to hear Florida’s Commissioner of Agriculture, Adam Putnam, welcome the attendees to the show. According to Jim, Putnam shared his view that there is a bright future for Florida agriculture, but there are also challenges. In his opinion, “Water is the most significant long-term issue facing the state of Florida.” This issue concerns both water quality and quantity.

Jim was also able to attend multiple panels discussing agriculture related issues, such as government regulations, labor, water-use, and pending food safety regulations. After attending a grower panel titled “Problems and Needs for Vegetable and Small Fruit Production,” Jim commented, “water usage is a significant issue for strawberries growers in Central Florida. Strawberries require large volumes of water to protect their crop from frost in the winter and for production. Southwest Florida Water Management District (SWFWMD) has changed permitting requirements for new water well so that no new permits will be granted in the Plant City/Dover area. A strawberry grower on one panel predicted new strawberry production will likely move further south.”

Jim’s experience at the Florida Agricultural Exposition confirmed that there are great opportunities for Hydretain and other Ecologel products in fruit and vegetable production.

November 10, 2011: Ecologel Welcomes Sunshine Industries New Agents

Ecologel welcomes Sunshine Industries’ new agents, Dennis Chu and John Leper, who will be representing Hydretain in Asia.  As agents, they seek out new distributors throughout Asia.  We congratulate them on their recent signing of an agreement with a major distributor in China to promote Hydretain throughout the golf, sports turf, and landscape markets.

October 31, 2011: Ecologel Introduces Hydretain Advantage Program at GIE+EXPO

With 750 Exhibitors and an expected 17,500 attendees, the 2011 Green Industry & Equipment Expo (GIE+Expo) was the perfect setting for the launch of Ecologel’s new Hydretain Advantage Program. The Hydretain Advantage Program is designed to provide support to all professional applicators who have added Hydretain or Hydretain products to their service offering. Once enrolled, applicators will have access to sales and marketing materials, product training, and ongoing technical support.

Centrally located in Louisville, KY, GIE+EXPO is typically known as one of the largest shows in the industry. This year, the event was attended by company president, Rick Irwin, and NE Technical Sales Manager, Kevin Lewis. After the show, both Rick and Kevin commented that the Hydretain Advantage Program was well received by the attendees. According to Rick, “Industry professionals were eager to learn about the program. In this business, competition can be tough, and companies are always looking for opportunities to stand out amongst the crowd. For the past several years, Hydretain has been used by lawn care and pest control companies to combat drought stress, high water bills and watering restrictions throughout the nation. With the development of the Hydretain Advantage Program we are providing the tools to help applicators turn a great product into a multi-seasonal revenue opportunity.”

For additional information, or to enroll in the Hydretain Advantage Program, please visit

October 17, 2011: Ecologel’s agronomist Jim Spindler travelled to Beijing

China to introduce Hydretain to the Chinese golf market.  While there, he was the keynote speaker at the Forum of China Golf Course Design Construction and management, discussing the benefits of incorporating Hydretain into a maintenance program.  In the coming week, Jim will be attending another golf show as well as visiting and training Hydretain distributors.

September 15, 2011: Ecologel Attends FTGA

Ecologel's Agronomist, Jim Spindler, and Marketing Representative, Kiersten Spindler, attended the 59th annual Florida Turfgrass Association show in Palm Beach, Florida.

As this was Kiersten's first tradeshow with Ecologel, it was an excellent opportunity for her to interact with both customers and distributors in the Southeastern region of Florida.  Jim and Kiersten were also able to attend an educational seminar on the environmental benefits of turf in Florida.

September 2011: No Rain? No Problem!

Hydretain provides hope for landscapes during record drought.

After learning about Hydretain at the Texas Nursery and Landscape Show, Mesquite based landscape company Ron’s Organics, Inc. began using the water conservation technology. In August, they treated drought stressed Bermuda lawns that required daily irrigation. One week after the application of Hydretain, watering was reduced to every other day. Two weeks after the application, watering was reduced to every third day; resulting in a 66% reduction in irrigation frequency. In addition to the water savings, the treated lawns showed a significant improvement in turf quality within three weeks.

With Texans currently facing the driest year on record, Hydretain offers a solution for water conservation and landscape protection.





August 2011: Ecologel Exhibits at TNLA Expo

The 2011 Texas Nursery and Landscape Expo was held at the Dallas
Convention Center from Friday, August 18th through Sunday, August the 21st. As an exhibitor at this event, Ecologel Solutions, LLC showcased the Hydretain, Aqua-T, CytoGro and BioPro line of products.

With Texas in the midst of the worst drought since the 1950’s, Hydretain was particularly well received by show attendees. Texans, as well as residents from surrounding areas affected by the drought, are currently faced with the challenge to protect their turf, landscape and agricultural investments with a limited water supply. Due to these abnormally dry conditions, it is no surprise that many industry professionals are seeking information about products for drought protection and water management. Numerous professional landscapers, retailers, and industry affiliates stopped by the Ecologel booth to discuss how Hydretain can help them in their fight against drought.

During this show, Ecologel was represented by company President, Rick Irwin and associate, Ed Wilson, who both enjoyed interacting with other exhibitors and attendees alike. Afterwords, Rick commented, “This year’s TNLA show provided the opportunity to offer a water management solution to the customers, local distributors and other industry professionals in this drought stricken community

May, 2011: Ecologel’s agronomist addresses greenhouse growers association in Dominican Republic

During the end of May, Ecologel’s agronomist, Jim Spindler, was invited to the Dominican Republic by Sunshine Group Industries, an international marketer of Hydretain products.  In addition to the Dominican Republic, Sunshine Group Industries is presently working in locations such as the Caribbean, Central and South America, Asia, the Middle East, South Africa, and Russia.  Jim was hosted by Valentina Khalife, the director of marketing in Latin America for Sunshine Group Industries.

Jim, Ecologel’s Certified Professional Agronomist, was asked to address the nation’s greenhouse growers association.  His presentation focused on water conservation and the economic benefits of using Hydretain in multiple agricultural applications.  Many greenhouse managers were enthusiastic about the technology and were excited to examine Hydretain as an option to use in their operations.

An important highlight of the visit was the establishment of several product trials in various applications, ranging from greenhouses and farms, to golf courses and agricultural plantations.  These trials concentrated on corn and plantain production, citrus research, and golf course maintenance.   The results from these tests will help give Ecologel more information pertaining issues in dealing with applied watering, aid agriculture production, and maintain turf quality while managing water use.   Jim anticipates that the “trials will demonstrate how Hydretain will help extend the available water during seasonal drought periods and save money associated with pumping water.”  Costs for pumping water are extremely high, and cutting these costs through Hydretain usage is advantageous to farmers and golf courses alike.

In addition to interacting with the greenhouse growers and establishing trials, Jim also had the opportunity to train sales representatives and educate farmers who were eager to learn about the benefits of using Hydretain.  Hydretain will surely have a positive effect on the green industry of the Dominican Republic.

May 15, 2011: Ecologel's Agronomist Travels to Trinidad to meet with Farfan.

In the second week of May, Ecologel’s agronomist Jim Spindler traveled to Trinidad where he worked with Sandy and Andrew, distributors for FT Farfan, supplier of agricultural, home, and garden products, to discuss using Hydretain at golf courses, greenhouses, and farmsteads.  While there, Jim trained sales and store personnel on the advantages of using Hydretain such as eliminating drought stress, reducing watering requirements, increasing seed germination, and maximizing crop production.  Jim also helped to establish multiple test plots at two golf courses on both greens and tees as well as in greenhouses to experiment with germination rates.

Another exciting event was an interview, focusing on Hydretain, between Jim and Andrew broadcast on a popular radio station that gives agronomic tips to local farmers.  The topics covered included general product information, where it can be used, how to apply it and that it is safe to use on food producing agriculture. For the full broadcast, visit.

May 10, 2011: Moisture Manager Lawn Product Saves Home from Fire

Hydretain Technology Also Addresses Critical Environmental Issues
A local veterinarian’s home was apparently saved from the Weeki Wachee brush fire on April 30 which destroyed 70 acres of property because he had treated his lawn with a product that keeps the grass from drying out. Dr. Mike Brannan’s home sits in the midst of over 12 acres of woods with his house on a hilltop just east of Tooke Lake and US Highway 19 near Weeki Wachee. His home is divided from the woods by a large lawn which he had treated with a product called Moisture Manager (a private label of the Hydretain which helps protect plants from drying out in between periods of rainfall or irrigation. The woods were totally scorched but the fire stopped where the woods and grass meet. The lawn had not been watered since the previous Saturday.

Brannan had heard the Hydretain product discussed on radio station WFLA 970 AM and decided to send an email message to “Florida Gardening” host Mark Govan reporting how his home had been spared from otherwise certain destruction by the fire. Govan turned around and emailed Rick Irwin, owner and founder of Ecologel (, the manufacturer of Hydretain products. “I have to believe,” Brannan said, “the Lesco Moisture Manager played a role in saving the house.” Ecologel Solutions LLC, headquartered in Ocala, Florida, was founded in 1991. The company specializes in the production and promotion of environmentally responsible products for water conservation, plant nutrition, pond and lake management, and anti-fungal coatings.

The company’s flagship product technology, Hydretain®, is a unique and advanced liquid which is fully biodegradable and made from food grade materials. It allows all manner of plants, including food-producing
agriculture, to thrive with far less water. Hydretain has been tested by several major Universities, including the University of Florida, and is used on top golf courses around the world. Information and copies of research are available at

“We are committed to saving the World’s water,” said Rick Irwin, “and we are very excited to hear about additional benefits of our product, beyond helping with water conservation.” Hydretain is available in the garden center at many retailers in Florida, including Lowe’s, and at John Deere Landscape under the name “Lesco Moisture Manager.”



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